High School Orchestra Invitational


Registration Deadline – October 13, 2017
Please bring payment to HSOI, and submit during check-in.

HSOI Event Coordinator

Douglas Droste
Ball State University School of Music
203 Hargreaves Music Building
Muncie, IN 47306

4th Annual HSOI Information

The INASTA Orchestra Invitational will take place on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at Ball State University. The process will run similar to the ASTA National Orchestra Festival.  In three 25-minute segments, each orchestra will receive a warm-up time, performance time (two pieces of director’s choice), and a clinic with one adjudicator after their performance.  An effort will be made to have each orchestra attend at least one other orchestra’s performance. Lunch and travel plans will be at the discretion of the directors. Specific performing time and instructions will be available as soon as possible after the application deadline (October 13, 2017).

For ASTA members:              $75 per orchestra
For non-ASTA members:      $150 per orchestra

Clinicians for 2017 Invitational

Judy Palac, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University
Brenda Mitchell, Director of Graduate Studies, Miami University (OH)
JulieAnn Bernard, Director of Orchestras, Centerville High School (OH)

First Year of HSOI Marked as a Success!!!

The inaugural IN-ASTA Orchestra Invitational was an incredible success! Clinicians Stephen Benham (Duquesne University and current National ASTA President), Louis Bergonzi (University of Illinois), and Ray Ostwald (York Community High School, Illinois) provided excellent critique and live clinics to our participating orchestras. Congratulations to the orchestras and directors of Burris/Indiana Academy (Martha Murphy), Zionsville (Susan Lyons), Fishers (Nicole Deguire), Center Grove (Sarah Belt), Ben Davis (Amy Noble), and Portage (Carrie Ann Carlson) for their outstanding performances as well as their effort to participate in this new venture for the chapter. A special thanks to Karin Hendricks, Douglas Droste, and the students of Ball State University for organizing and hosting the event.

– Doug Droste, Chairman
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